Q: How do I create my personalised book?
A: It’s easy! Right here in the website, enter the information required in the boxes and wow! The book will be magically created for you. Once you order, a fully printed version of the book will be made just for you and sent to the door step of your choice.
Q: Where is My Way Home available for?
A: Our titles are made for kids from anywhere in the world, My Way Home is available for limited countries only – perfect for lucky kids from the USA, Canada, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia and Singapore.
Q: What age ranges are the books good for?
A:The Kids Book Company creates stories designed to grow with your kids, working across a number of ages to make them both a valued gift and a favourite book. We do this with different levels of interactivity designed specifically for different ages – from finding simple objects to well hidden difficult ones, from facts to decoding clues and more.

Because each book is personalized and unique, they make fantastic gifts from 0-8 years old.

Q: How many pages do the books have?
A: Each title has a slightly different page count. My Way Home varies in size based on the country the child is from! The books range from 44 pages (22 leaves) to 60 pages (30 leaves!).

No matter the length though, each book is packed with layers of personalization and interactivity guaranteed to make it a fabulous read.

Q: What size are the books?
A: Our books are B5 size 176 X 250 mm (6.9 X 9.8 inches).
Q: What languages are the books available in?
A: At this stage our titles are only available in English. We are working on more languages as you read this… If there’s something particular you’re after, send us an email with your language request to info@thekidsbookcompany.com!
Q: Can I include a personalised dedication?
A: Yes! Your dedication can make your gift even more personal – it’s printed right into the book – your words become a seamless part of the end product.
Q: Can I use a hyphenated name?
A: Yes, hyphenated names, or names with two words are fine as long as it’s less than our maximum number of characters allowed (13). Otherwise, you’ll need to shorten it to a nickname!
Q: Can I put two names in?
A: You can…. But unless it’s a story designed for two it won’t work so well! Apart from only having one character, it’s going to wreck havoc with the singular and plural – which isn’t going to be much use for the educational side of things!!
Q: Can the book be gift wrapped?
A: Yes, you will find this option while purchasing your product, make sure you click yes in the gift wrapping paper box. The book will be beautifully wrapped so we can send it straight to the person you would like to gift your book to.
Q: Can I buy a gift certificate?
A: Nope – just buy them the book! We haven’t seen a need for gift certificates so far – but if this becomes a burning issue please let us know and we will see what we can do for you!
Q: What’s the quality like?
A: The book is printed on high quality paper, from printers we have chosen for their print quality, attention to detail and values of excellence. If something isn’t perfect with your book, we will replace it – express.
Q: How do I order my book?
A: It’s easy. Right here in the website, enter the information required in the boxes, follow the order process and fully printed version of the book will be sent to the doorstep of your choice.
Q: Can we order more than one book at the time?
A: Yes, as long as all the books are sent to the same address. Otherwise, separate orders will need to be placed.
Q: How long does the order take to process?
A: We’ll make your book, print it and ship it within 72 hours of when you place your order!
Q: Can we cancel the order?
A: We print each book just for you and try to do this as fast as possible! That means we can’t cancel your order because it’s probably half way out of the printer already!
Q: What credit cards do we accept?
A: We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.
Q: Can I pay with cash, check or fairy dust?
A: We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, paypal and apple wallet. In New Zealand, you can split payments via After Pay… Apart from that – our product is kinda magic already so we don’t trade in wishes… yet.
Q: When will my credit card be charged?
A: Since every book made just for you, your card will be charged as soon as we receive your order.
Q: Is it safe to use my credit card in this site?
A: Yes! we use the most secure online payment method. your credit card and order information is encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.
Q: I am sending this as a gift. Will an invoice be included in the gift?
A: No! we will not send this with the package. Your invoice is sent via email at the time the order process is finalised.
Q: How long does my book take to be made?
A: Every book is printed and made just for that individual. Your book will take from 2 to 72 hours to be processed, printed and quality checked before we put it on a hot air balloon, truck, plane, or the back of a dragon to get it to where it needs to go.
Q: I’m having problems logging in. Can you help?
A: Make sure you log in using the same details used to create your account or to place your first order. Otherwise, follow the instructions here to reset your account password. If you have any further problems, let our team know, they’d be delighted to help you out!
Q: I didn’t receive an order confirmation! Heeeelppp….?!
After placing the order you’ll receive an email confirming your purchase and shipping details. If you haven´t received this email, please check your email junk box or spam. If it’s still gone rogue, login into your account to see your order, and please let our team of customer service ninja know, they love to help… it’s their thing.
Q: What currencies can I use?
A: The baseline for our product is in US Dollars, but our payment system accepts all currencies. We try and keep it up to date so no matter where in the world you are you are getting a good exchange rate and a darn good deal! Our payment system accepts all currencies. Get started!
Q: How much are the books?
A: Our prices change based on the format you select. For the price of the children’s book you’re interested in, please check the title you’d like – the price for the soft cover format is the first one you’ll see. We make any extras or changes super clear so there’s no surprises. (I like surprises but not when it comes to pricing!).
Q: How much is shipping?
A: There are two shipping options. Standard shipping – which we’re proud to give you free on any order over $60, and express shipping. The standard and express shipping prices vary slightly according to the country the order is being shipped. Please choose your shipping option at the checkout to see the price for your product.
Q: How long would my order take to arrive?
A: With standard shipping the order is estimated to take around 8-15 working days, (though, we like to over deliver… most of our customers enjoy their product within 6 working days of purchase). Express shipping takes around 3-5 working days from when the product is shipped.

The postal service is a complex environment and orders sometimes get held up by the nosy but necessary customs officers in some places and over peak Christmas and holiday periods the whole system can slow down a little. We’d dearly like to control the postage using a team of magical reindeer, unfortunately Santa’s a bit stingy with them – so it’s a little out of our jurisdiction! Get your order in early to be sure.

Q: Where can I have my book shipped to?
A: We ship everywhere in the world, so, no matter where you are, a special kid you know can receive their very own personalized book. Ok, so it may take a while to Timbuktu, we haven’t worked much with the Mali postal service – but it will be worth the wait!
Q: The delivery date has passed, when should I receive my book?
A: Sometimes the postal service can take longer due to unexpected reasons. If your order has not arrived within 30 days of ordering make sure to let our team of customer service legends know and they’ll make sure it’s taken care of.
Q: Where can I find my tracking code?
A: Standard shipping is currently trackable for everywhere in the world except Australia. Crikey mate.
We’ll email you with your shipping information, simply follow the link and use the tracking number we sent through. If the homework monster ate that email, get in touch at info@thekidsbookcompany.com and we will help you out!
Q: Can I ship to a different country to my billing address?
A: Absolutely! You can buy a personalized kids book in Canada and send it to a lucky kid from New Zealand – or the other way around. It’s designed to be seamless, easy, and make you look like the hero.
Start being a hero now
Q: Do you guarantee your products?
A: Nothing but the best. We guarantee that your book will arrived damage free, error free and, well, perfect. If not – we’ll replace your book, and ship it express. So place your order now!
Q: What if my book is damaged or incorrect?
A: We are 100% committed to deliver a world class product. If the book is damaged or incorrect please let our team of customer service heroes know, it’s their mission to help you out! If need be, we’ll send you a new book right away!
Q: Do you want to hear what I think?
A: Passionately yes!! We want to hear how it was received, how special it as and for you to share with us your story. Please leave us your feedback on our facebook page here and let us know how your special child is enjoying their Kids Book Company book. Bonus points for pictures!
Q: What is the fundraising code?
A: The Kids Book Company is committed to supporting the community groups that support our kids. As such, we are donating a percentage of profit to certain groups as fundraisers. If you are supporting a fundraiser, enter their code into the ‘fundraising code’ box.
Q: How do I register my club for fundraising?
A: Visit our fundraising page here – and register your information. Our team will take a look, confirm your registration and send you everything you need to make a successful fundraiser!