It’s no secret that developing a love of reading at an early age is one of the key foundations for future success in school and beyond. But getting young children interested in reading can sometimes be a challenge with the temptation of screens and technology a real distraction in our modern world.


So how can you turn your kids into reading heroes? Here are six great tips:


1) Let them choose their own books

One of the best ways to get kids interested in reading is to let them choose their own books. Visit your local library or bookstore and allow them to browse the shelves for titles. When they find an author or non-fiction topic that interests them, they are more likely to get excited about reading and want to read more.


2) Read aloud together

Sharing a favourite book with your child is a great way to foster a love of reading. Not only will they enjoy the story, but they’ll also imitate your behaviour and develop positive associations with reading. When you lead the way as an eager reader,  your child is more likely to follow.


3) Make it fun

Another way to get kids interested in reading is to make it fun. Try incorporating reading into games and activities, like using flashcards to play memory or matching, or making up stories together. If your child sees reading as a fun activity, they’ll be more likely to want to do it.


4) Encourage them to read every day

Developing a reading habit is important for kids if they want to become fluent readers. Try to set aside some time each day for reading, whether it’s before bedtime or first thing in the morning. And make sure there are plenty of books around the house, so they can always grab one when they have some free time.


5) Reward their progress

Finally, don’t forget to praise and encourage your child as they make progress with their reading. Whether it’s finishing a book, trying out a new word or sounding out a challenging word, every accomplishment should be celebrated. This will help them to see reading as something rewarding and worth doing.


6) Take advantage of technology.

There are now many great apps and websites available that make reading even more fun for kids, with features like sound effects and animated characters. It’s going to be hard for kids to escape technology entirely,  so why not use it to your advantage and make reading more engaging for them?

Following these tips will help you turn your kids into reading heroes in no time!

From starting with shorter books to making it a fun family activity, there are lots of simple ways to turn your kids into reading legends and book lovers. Personalised kids’ story books where your child features as the main character are also a great way to really ignite their love for reading while boosting their confidence. And they make fabulous gifts that will be cherished forever. Check out our current collection of titles, and keep an eye out for some new stories on the way!