As a parent, you’re constantly concerned with your child’s health and wellbeing. But, this doesn’t always mean physical health. What can you do to keep your child developing on the social and academic scale, encourage imagination, and create a safe and loving environment for them to thrive? Well, you can read with them.

There is no age limits on reading. You can start when they are newborns, some even swear by reading to ‘bump’. Study after study has shown that early reading with children aids them in learning to speak, interact, and bond with parents and others around them.

They key thing is reading aloud and making it interactive. This will strongly encourage and develop your child’s ability to work as a team, bond with others and encourage imaginative play – the most important form of learning for young children. Have fun and be playful with it, encourage silly voices and acting out of scenes. Making it personal will encourage that little bit more when it comes to involvement. Change the main characters name to your child’s name.

Then, keep it up! Making reading a regular thing is so important. And, don’t stop once they can read by themselves. Make sure you still read with them, and still read aloud. Encourage some ‘role play’. You be one character, your child be another. Read aloud together! And don’t be discouraged should they ask questions or appear to get distracted. That is all part of the journey! Perhaps even ask questions yourself. Questions are an excellent way of learning!

Choosing the right books is crucial. At The Kids Book Company, we are aware of this, and have made it easier for you as a parent to encourage reading. Our books are personal, and interactive. This is great for younger kids, it gives you a way to engage them, by giving them a customised and personal book, with great visual representation of the story.

Its also great for slightly older kids, who can possibly read by themselves. All of our books are educational, so they can learn as well as have fun! Older kids appreciate the personal aspects of our books, and the interactive nature makes it easy for you as a parent to get involved and encourage reading aloud.

Diversity and interchangeability is also key. And our books are perfect for this. Although they are custom made and personalised, its so easy to change the character. Your child can go on any adventure with our books, and take whoever they want to with them. Perhaps today it is them on the journey through the story book, and then tomorrow it will be you! Encourage the change in character, encourage them to develop the story beyond what is on the pages. The visual nature of our books makes this more plausible and far more exciting for your child.

Involving other people will help massively. The size and weight of our books makes them super easy to take anywhere and everywhere. Encourage your child to read with other family members, friends and even teachers! Our books are also so reasonably priced, why just have one! Have one at home, one in the car and one at Nan and Granddad’s house!

Reading is underestimated when it comes to child development. And reading aloud more so! Start as soon as you can, and don’t stop. Happy reading!

By: Colin Cooper