I was left with two impressions of place from my six weeks in Argentina. One was the spectacular (and for some weird reason unexpected) range of street art and the other – a fascination with oven birds… their nests actually.

The Rufous Hornero – (admit it, that’s an AMAZING name) – are clever and amazingly opportunistic little things, building their mud oven looking nests in the strangest of places – on telephone poles, wedged between buildings – and even stacked ontop of one another – all over the city and the countryside.

One can easily see why they’re the national bird of Argentina!

It was almost a MUST therefore, that when we were putting together the plan for the Argentina pages, that Rufous would need be a part of this.

And the Gaucho’s boleadoras – well, what a fascinating tool! Clearly it had to be part of the story – I have to admit a wry chuckle as I can imagine a generation of Argentinian kids spinning homemade boleadoras with varying degrees of comical unsuccess.