Chores can be a great way for kids to contribute to the household. They’re also a good opportunity to instill values of responsibility and teamwork plus a definite way to keep your children active!

If you want to get your kids busy helping around the home with household chores then using this checklist is an easy way to assign them age-appropriate tasks.

Children Ages 2-3

  • Pick up toys and put them in bins or designated areas
  • Put laundry in the hamper
  • Wipe up spills
  • Help load washer and dryer
  • Wipe walls and baseboards with a wet cloth

Children Ages 4-5

  • Put away belongings
  • Help with laundry
  • Carry and put away groceries
  • Set the table
  • Help clear the table

Children Ages 6-8

  • Help care for pets
  • Fold and put away laundry
  • Vacuum
  • Match socks
  • Wipe down counters and sinks

Children Ages 9-12

  • Help wash the car
  • Learn to wash dishes or load and unload the dishwasher
  • Rake leaves
  • Learn to wash laundry/switch loads
  • Take care of pets

Children Ages 13-18

  • Do the laundry
  • Wash the dishes
  • Take out the trash
  • Help prepare meals
  • Clean windows
  • Clean bathrooms
  • Mop the floor
  • Sweep the floor
  • Help with many outdoor chores
Whether you link household chores to pocket money or other rewards… or not, having your kids contribute around the home increasingly as they grow is a valuable way of helping them develop a sense of independence, not to mention handy life skills they’ll be able to call on later in life!