The Australian country page in the personalized kids book My Way Home was first described to our (amazing) illustrator Juan Chavetta as “sort of like an Aussie mix tape’.

The conversation went on which gave me an opportunity to clarify; “Ok, then imagine a mash-up – but instead of music, mash up the symbols of Australian identity that Aussie kids know and love. Oh, and possibly other things that might prompt a discussion too”.

I could almost hear the frown.
That wasn’t quite the clarity he was looking for.

Juan asked a very fair question – “Ok, like what?” Instantly I thought ‘the kangaroo of course’ … but what would Aussie kids say if we asked them?

The results you can see – artfully put together in a beautiful illustration that represents all the Australian icons kids told us … like an Aussie mix tape.

The kangaroo features of course. As does the Koala. Uluru, Sydney opera house and harbor bridge make up the background. And camels. Of course. That’s the bit that might prompt a discussion.

(Ask a kid now what a pencil has to do with listening to music. Maybe it’s more like an Aussie mash-up after all).