I’ve been fascinated with pyramids, mummies and ancient Egypt as a whole for as long as I can remember. (I’m sure there was a kids book in there somewhere!).

I can remember my first Mummy. Auckland Museum, age 6. Having since had the opportunity to visit other museums all over the world, I know now it’s not a particularly ‘grand’ specimen to some – but there’s something about your first. I can still picture it in detail. From the slight fray to the edges of the bandages to the small brown stains to the rough carving on the inside of the sarcophagus. The feeling of fascination with the life that was in there. With the culture that would honor their dead in that way.

Writing a book that is in essence an epic journey through different countries – I couldn’t pass up Egypt. When it came to planning an interactive element for this page (all the countries include a participatory element within the storyline) – it simply HAD to be hieroglyph based.

The great statue of the Sphinx – and the rumoured undiscovered tunnels underneath, combined with a treasure map is seriously good imagination fodder.

The story of Egypt – like many others is engaging. The story tells of the tunnels under the Sphinx, and the interactive invites your child to match the hieroglyph from the treasure map.

It’s this type of Egyptian engagement that’s everything you want a trip to Egypt to be.