An Irish couple came to live with us for a time – in the midst of their world travels. They’d come directly from the Galapagos (a place that’s STILL on my bucket list) and had, without a doubt, some of the most impressive photos and stories of a single place that I’d heard. And I’ve heard a few…

One image that stuck out was of a peculiar bird with bright blue feet – the Blue Footed Booby. Or, as there were several of them – Boobies.

Ecuador therefore had to have these peculiarly named birds in them – and let’s face it – kids love a ‘legal’ reason to use bad words!

Researching them, I discovered that the blue footed booby gets it coloured feet from their food. The more successful a hunter they are therefore, the bluer their feet!

The boobies do a particular (and often quite hilarious) dance as part of their mating ritual. One of the key factors of success is how blue their feet are – the bluer the better.

That therefore became the interactive in this part of story… to match the same hue of blue.

LOL I wrote an article called “Boobies.”

– Jess

Youtube video of their mating dance: